Why uv printer can be enduring in printing industrial

The key of uv printer can survive and develop in color printing is that uv printer realized the personalized printing technology and met the needs of lots of industry .From the earliest graphic fast printing,the printing of government, after many years of development and accumulation, UV printer from quantitative change to qualitative change gradually.In the field of application, application wide, application of scale began to make new breakthrough.

First,the application field of uv printer became color, scale, high-end.Affected by the economic environment, the application domains such as construction graphic, bid has retreated, but business, publishing and packaging industry applications rise sharply, the overall print runs growth significantly.Books colorization is determined by the rhythm speeding up of the era.Packaging as one of the elements of brand marketing, itself focus on visual sense effect.And publishing and packaging is more large-scale industrialized production, which makes the growing amount of digital printing used in colour products, scale application increased, high-end demand increased.

Second, The application wide of UV printer is bigger and longer.UV printers start application to a more large and more upscale commercial applications .Such as : Glass decoration, ceramic background wall industry,architectural material industry,advertising industry. According to the development of the industry, the UV printer also gradually upgrade to change.

Third, The UV printer scale industrialization.As is well-known,the market of digital color printing is very huge. Once the technology of uv printer is accepted by customers.The manufacturer will be intensify efforts to put into production.Therefore,uv printer will be formed the enterprise scale production line.

At present ,Maxcan F2500G UV Digital Color Printing Machine is very popular for many customers. The reasons as below:

1. With over 14 years of experience in design and produce printer controllers and 5 years of experience in manufacturing UV flatbed printer, Maxcan has always been focus on improving UV flatbed printer only, which helped us to build good reputation from domestic & oversea market.

2. MAXCAN F2500G5 is equipped with 3 Ricoh GEN5 print heads, which can be upgraded to 8 heads. F2500G5 offer longer service time and higher speed, designed for 7*24 use.

3. F2500G offer variable ink drop range 7~35PL to save more than 20% ink compare to other print heads machine, it is widely used in printing medias including acrylic, metal, wood, glass, plastic, phone covers, MDF, melamine board, foam boards, PVC boards, ceramic tiles and more. It can create printing effect as mirror effect, 3D effect, embossed effect and flat effect.

4. 3H—High-stability, high-quality and high-speed will improve the printing efficiency with lower cost.