Why UV flatbed printer cannot be placed randomly on the ground?

Because of its working way of UV flatbed printer, the ground of the placement have to be horizontal, being not horizontal would not only effect printing result, but also slow down the speed, and it will damage its internal mechanical structure.
Only if we be cautious about details, we shall resolve and avoid potential problems it might happen with machine, it is also quite helpful if you could master some techniques of operation.
When you are not use the UV flatbed printer and before you move the machine, you have to shut down power of the machine. Firstly power off flatbed printer, and reset print head and cover ink tank, then unplug power cable and signal cable, this would prevent ink from volatilization, and avoid breakdown of print head on move.
No matter it is regular printer or UV flatbed printer, for all beginner users it would look “fragile”, it tends to have a number of malfunctions, and it gives a lot of difficulties in using printer efficiently.
If the print head is not working properly, and it cannot be recovered by cleaning process either, we do suggest you stop trying it on your own, otherwise it will affect printing result dramatically, and the right way to do is ask help from professionals.
Even if you have UV flatbed printer repaired, and it does not work either by using machine’s cleaning software, it probably the print head is clogged, it may because there is something wrong with boards inside machine. Contact us today at sales@maxcanprinter.com