Why UV Flatbed Printer Better Than Traditional Printer

Flatbed Printer is Better Than Traditional Printing Technology to Achieve Dry At Once After Printing:

Advantages of UV Color Printing Machine are so many,such as lasting without fade, dry at once after printing and so on. Today, we share some advantages of dry at once after printing and the reasons why UV flatbed printers can achieve dry at once after printing. Let’s talk about the reasons why UV flatbed printers can achieve dry at once after printing first. We all know that conventional printer use solvent inks. This printer has a very fatal flaw in the production process, so currently upgraded flatbed printers focus on research and development of easily fade weakness.

It’s the better combination of UV lamps and UV inks for Maxcan UV flatbed printers. UV lamps and UV ink are the keys to achieve dry at once after printing.UV inks are made of special chemical materials, so they will be dried after exposing to ultraviolet.
Glass industry: You can print a variety of patterns directly on the glass surface to replace hand-painting to achieve free-plates, efficient, low-cost, real-time processing of rich colors, easy operation of flatbed printers makes customers from glass industry save a lot of time.Apply of this equipment has brought considerable economic benefits for producers.

Decoration industry: You can print desired pattern directly in a variety of decorative ceiling surface materials, fire board, aluminum panels, MDF, stone, ceramics, glass, etc., to meet the demands of personalized decoration to bring building decoration companies considerable economic benefit.

Signage industry: direct printing pictures on a variety of hard patterns surface to replace screen printing, etching, film and other traditional signage technology, reducing processes, reduce costs, and increase the adhesion. It is an ideal printer for manufacturers of electrical signs, traffic signs,safety instructions signs, reflective signs and so on.

Digital printing is limited to the original flexible material.It needs to transfer the pictures of flexible materials to rigid materials.Butthe flatbed printer printing is more economical,because materials will not be dealt with before and after printing, which saves a lot of manpower and material resources.

Flatbed printer complements the weakness of traditional printing process, not only for the small order availability, but also for sample making and image effects analog. Customers can choose the suitable technology among various technologies.Designation and production process are simple, even a single person can operate. It can meet customer requirements on pickup at once.

UV Flatbed Printing Machine
UV Flatbed Printing Machine