Why the uv flatbed printer can not print on the mirror material?

There is a customer asking, can the flatbed printer print on the mirror? it cannot. UV flatbed printer can print on the glass.but it cannot print on the mirror. What is the reason?
The reason of UV flatbed printer cannot print on the material such as mirror is that UV flatbed printer mainly uses the uv ink. As we now know,uv ink will be solidification once saw the light. It is for this reason make that the uv printer has the characteristics of print and dry as same time when using uv ink and uv lamp.
Mirror will make the uv ink solidification by reflecting uv light ,thus cause the nozzle clogging ,then damage to the print head.So everyone need to pay attention to this when using the uv flatbed printer.
But why dose the material such as crystal can be printed by UV flatbed printer? That is because that crystal material is refraction under UV light, only a small part of the light will illuminate to the nozzle, the effect is not very big. Thus, crystal materials can be printed by uv flatbed printer. But considering the effect of the light refraction, Please try to choose dark when usually choosing a glass platform, the refraction is more a bit less. It also can make the print head have the longer life.