Why choose ink from UV flatbed printer supplier

Why customers should choose ink from UV flatbed printer supplier? There may be a lot of users thinking about this. Why do not order ink from ink manufacturers directly? Following are the reasons.

1, After customers‘use of ink from UV flatbed printer supplier, in terms of production costs, some customers will change to use lower prices of ink on the market. However, because these ink is not the original high purity and impurities are more, in the follow-up process customers often face the failure of print head block.

2, From the cost point of view, the price of a UV flatbed printer print head is far beyond the price of ink. In order to save one or two hundred dollars using ink with low quality, it will not only result in printing interruption, but also will directly lead to the scrapping of equipment. At the same it will bring you the loss of customers due to late delivery and bad print quality.

3, In terms of technology, because the characteristics of uv ink is consistent with the wavelength in the curing lamp to achieve complete drying. But because each manufacturer’s equipment used by the curing lamp power is inconsistent, so the ink is not the same. About ink, Maxcan will provide the test report and will test ink up to 3 months to 6 months before delivery to customers. Therefore, Maxcan fundamentally can avoid clogging problems.