Which Printer is Best for Cellphone Cases Printing

UV flatbed printers are the best to print cellphone cases.

With the development of flatbed printing technology, it’s popular to use UV flatbed printers to print special images.In fact, to use UV flatbed printers to print cellphone cases is a nice example for personalized printing.

1.The software can be ps,ai,cdr and so on ,which is unlimited. After copying the images into computer,it can be printed.
2.As for the printing of sides of cellphone cases, it will require fixtures.
3.To contact computer with the printer,and turn on the machine to test.
4.To put blank cellphone cases on the flatbed to adjust the height of print heads.And then press the button to print.
5.If flatbed printers use solvent ink,it only to maintain the machine according to supplier’s instruction.Now the technology of flatbed printer is so mature that it’s no need to worry about the maintenance.The highest precision of flatbed printers is 2880 dpi.The printing precision is high and the printing effects are nice.To test the precision and effects, it’s only to print images of people.Because there will be coating-wiping before the printing, air compressor and spray gun are necessary,which will be ready within 300 RMB.The printing products will be anti-scrape and wear-resisting.
6.Get out cellphone cases from the flatbed,the printing has been finished.

The technology of flatbed printers comes into being abroad.At first, the technology didn’t appear at home. But China enterprises in printer area make continuous breakthroughs to develop generally. Flatbed printers couldn’t be used smoothly at first in China,which made clients misunderstood flatbed printers. So we advise clients to buy flatbed printers from competitive companies. Take Maxcan for an example,Maxcan has its own research team and nice after-sale service.There are various flatbed printers in market,including some simple converted printers, which will make much trouble after clients buy them.