What’s the Market Advantage of UV Flatbed Printers

Current market requires individualization,and small-lot,high-precision,environmental protection and high-efficiency have become the tendency.

1.UV flatbed printers satisfy the individualization.
UV flatbed printers can provide the maximum satisfaction to clients. For designers, they can bring their creativeness into full play. They can change their draft design in computer as they want. And the effect of design in computer is the same as that in fact. After getting the approval from clients, they can directly produce.

2.UV flatbed printers are unconstrained in colors.
If use UV flatbed printers, it’s no need for clients to prepare meshes,which saves much time.Various designs and changes can be done in computer, and the color match can be made by mouse. Without expense of meshes and save time and materials for printing, it saves the cost of manpower.

3.UV flatbed printers are at higher speed, which shortens the working process.
In past,it took many days from design and making samples to accomplishment for a product. But it will take only 1~2 hours to get the finished goods by using UV flatbed printers, and the quantity of the goods are unlimited,which can achieve small-lot, diversity and high-efficiency.The working process is short and finished goods can be got as soon as possible after printing. It can save the process of ageing and waterwash. It’s provide high-flexibility to make clients get the printing quickly after they decide the design.

4.UV flatbed printers are environmental friendly to decrease the pollution.
Without use of water, UV flatbed printers will not offer polluted water. They are controlled by computers with drop on-demand,which avoids the waste and polluted water. And during the printing process, it’s without noise. UV flatbed printers really achieve the process of environmental protection without pollution.

5.UV flatbed printers provide colorful and clear images.
It’s difficult for traditional silk-screen printing to make 10 chromatographies.Both for full-color printing and gradients printing, UV flatbed printers can provide colorful images to reach the photochrome effect,immensely expand design space and enhance the level of products. The UV printing images are exquisite,clear, artistic, and UV flatbed printers can provide output effect as photography style and painting style.

6.UV flatbed printers can print embossment effect with three-dimension and comfortable touch.
With white ink, UV flatbed printers can print embossment effect,which is vivid and enlarge designers imagination.What’s more, the printing process is very easy just like that of home printers to provide finished printings once time.printing and drying are made at the same time,which is much better than ordinary printing.

Thus, it’s unlimited for the development of UV flatbed printers.