What Should be Checked during Operation of UV Flatbed Printers

Maxcan will explain what should be checked during the operation of UV flatbed printers for you.
1.The height adjustments of print heads. The popular flatbed printers in the market usually inspect the height by infrared ray. Before sending the printing order, the media needs to be put on the flatbed and the print heads need to be adjusted into a suitable height.
2.Remove the static. It is not well-known that static sometimes will do great harm to the printers. Users can contact a external wire on the metal surface ,and the external wire is made ground connection.
3. Coating. It is complained by many users that it’s hard to make the coating. In fact, making the coating needs tips. After understanding the function of coating, users will easily make the coating instead of being confused by sales. Coating helps media absorb ink and form a image. So spraying coating on the surface of media will be OK.It’s no need to be thick.
4. Many lines in the printing products. Usually, Printers with 3A plus printing dimension print media with lines, the reasons of which are 2 aspects. One is that 2 things for data storage have been dirty The other is that print heads collided with something or print nozzles are blocked.
5.Ink leakage of print heads. In this case, the printing products will be inferior-quality products. On the one hand,the seal rubber bands in cleaning unit are in bad status.On the other hand, after the collision of print heads,inkdrops get together in the bottom of print heads. In first case,.to change the rubber bands will be OK. In second case, to clean the bottom of print heads by cotton cloth is OK.
6.Movement of the printers. When moving the flatbed printers, users shouldn’t carry the printing flatbed but carry the bottom of the printers.Under the bottom of leather, there is a place for carry to move the whole printer.
7.When users use the flatbed printers for the first time, some of them complained that the USB interface is not well connected.In fact, after turning on the printers, lower down the printing flatbed, it will be easy to connect the USB.
8.Ink supply ways .The common flatbed printers have 2 kinds of ink supply ways. One is independent ink box, the other is continuously ink supply system. And these 2 ways have similar working parts,such as ink box,print heads, cleaning unit, ink guiding lines and waste cartridge.When adding ink or the ink tubes are blocked,users can use the injector to exhaust air under the bottom of ink box or through ink guiding lines above the waste cartridge until there is ink appeared in the injector.

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