What is the role of proofing before printing ?

No matter what it is a simple piece of color design, full color pattern or has a gradient image, uv printer can be printed out the product at a time. No need plate-making, no need for plate burning and repeat topping. The effect is clear and abundant colorful, the image is waterproof, sunscreen, wear resistance and do not fade.The operation is simple and convenient,the speed of printing image is so quikly that it fully conforms to the printing industry standard. Instant provision.

It is not only the important evidence of quality controlling that proofing before printing out product,but also is the tool for communication with the customer. How do you want to do ,what effect do you want? we can proofing first if you are not satisfied with that. Later batch production.

Proofing is the process between prepress production and printing.It makes thatt can foresee the final printing effect.Now that is commonly methods in gravure industry proofing, mainly include soft proofing, traditional proofing and digital proofing.

First, sample can help user to check the document which contains all kinds of information. In order to modify in time, such as fonts, images, colors, and page setup and so on.Color is the most difficult to control in the proofing.because anyone of the different substrates, printing ink and dot enlargement rate can cause the change of the sample.

Second,sample can be used to make a contract between client and printing company.Contract sample shall be accurate to provide and same as the color of the final product. And contract sample which shortly before printing out will be better to avoid place for a long time lead to sample for fading, distortion.

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