What is the Core Technology of UV Flatbed Printer?

Principle of uv digital color printing machine is to eject ink through nozzles directly onto materials to form text or images. Inkjet UV flatbed printer has 2 principles.One is the hot bubble, the other is micro-voltage type.

For thermal bubble type printhead, ink is easily changed likely to occur at high temperature. Because of unstable nature, printed colors will be affected.In addition, poor control of ink ejection will lead to uneven phenomenon .

Secondly, inkdrops are ejected by thermal bubble,the direction of the ink particles in a volume size can not be under good control, forming an edge position of the printing with some uneven phenomenon,which affects print quality.

Micro-voltage technology uses principle that piezoelectric crystal pressurized discharge characteristics.At normal temperature, the ink ejection of ink dots control is very strong, and make the clear imaging and higher quality. In addition, the printhead and ink cartridges are separate, so ink cartridge operation is more convenient.

Maxcan UV flatbed printers generally apply micro-voltage inkjet technology, so today we will introduce this technology.

UV flatbed printers micro-voltage technology usage is divided into three steps. The first step, the piezoelectric elements are under the control of signal contraction.The second step, the piezoelectric element extends outwardly launch nozzle ink droplets. The third step, ink droplets fly in an instant, elements again shrink liquid ink from the nozzle. This process precisely controls droplet so that ink droplets are ejected with correct direction every time.

Process of ejecting ink droplets by piezoelectric crystals.

Micro-voltage technology can precisely control the direction and shape of ink ejection.What’s more,there is a piezoelectric crystal behind the mini print head ink reservoir. When a current is applied to the crystal, it will inward repression; when the current is interrupted, the crystal will bounce back to its original position.At the same time,a drop of ink through nozzles trace out; when the current recovery again, crystal will extend outwardly, preparing the next drop of ink ejection status.

UV flatbed printers can print wood, sheet metal, crystal, stone, tile, PVC plates, plastic, marble, clothing, leather and so on.Categories contain stone painting, crystal painting, glass painting, wood painting, tile, wood, metal sheet, marble, ice crystal painting, mobile phone shell, gifts, glass sliding doors, card U disk, shade the surface of stainless steel plate glass sliding door silicone products, laptop case, billboards and so on.It can be said that UV printers can print materials beyond your imagination.