What is the advantages of UV flatbed printer VS Inkjet printer

UV printing heads can print out high quality image with Rub resistance and corrosion resistance. Most importantly, UV flatbed is a new technology in printing industry and UV ink is unctuous and uvioresistant, generally speaking, It can keep product colorfast outdoor within 3 years, according to our experience, it can maintain colorfast up to 5 years,and if for indoor printing, it can keep colorfast well around ten years, but the regular inkjet printer couldn’t get to this point, it will show color fading around half of year.

UV flatbed printer is equipped with industrial printing heads with high precision and good quality. In another words, UV printer could ensure the color which printing on thousands piece are totally the same as the first one, however, general inkjet printer can’t promised it.

In a general way, UV printing head has lots of professional international brands, like EPSON, RICOH etc. Our company employ all those imported printing heads to make sure high quality.