What factors have a effect on the printing speed

UV flatbed printing machine

The printing speed of UV flatbed printing machine is generally measured by the printed dimension per minute.However,there is a mechanical moving parts in a printer ,so it is mostly up to the design of the machine itself.And there is a direct relationship between printing speed and the set resolution during printing ,black and white printing or color printing,the output text or output image and so on.
That is no doubt : whatever kind of printer you use, with a host whose software and hardware carefully optimized is very necessary to improve printing speed .And the hardware should be equipped with a big memory and the fast hard drive as far as possible.The parallel port Settings in the BIOS to ECC + EPP mode. Often organizing disk fragmentation, upgrading the latest print program and choosing the appropriate printing software is necessary. In addition , you should adopt different optimization method to the different types of printer.
It is proportional to the printing speed and print head nozzle’ quantity of UV flatbed printer.So the quantity of the print head nozzle will decide to the level of the printer. Due to the limitation by processing technology, cost and other factors,there is no too many the nozzle quantities of UV flatbed printer. Now a lot of UV flatbed printing machine try to improve the printing speed as far as possible under the condition of the spray hole number by adopting some new techniques.