What are the precautions for the print head operation of universal printer ?

The using of UV flatbed printer need to train and standard. Because the print head of the UV flatbed printer is easy to damage and block.Therefore,we need to pay attention to the operation and the using of auxiliary parts when we using the print head.Otherwise once hurt print head,it will cause a certain loss and difficult to make up for the loss. This is why Maxcan have a free train to tell you how to use and maintain the UV flatbed printer.

Although , the operation way of UV flatbed printer is easy now. Almost entirely for computer software Operation, the method is very simple. However ,you still cannot be careless and random operate. Because the flatbed printer is very large machinery, internal system is very complex. It will make uv flatbed printer out of order such as cannot answer and cause crash regardless if operation is not standard or multi-tapping or operating multiple functions in a short time.These operations make the print head in the printing status but have not for printing work, it is easy to damage the print head.

Besides,we need to clear the print head in the flatbed printer to print before and after work. You cannot use the normal paper or cloth to wipe when cleaning. Otherwise it is very easy to make the print head with dust and fiber, which leads to the print head clogging.

Second, we should pay attention to choose the auxiliary parts of flatbed printers.

Flatbed printer is excellent manufacture, which not install a useless parts.Therefore,do not remove any parts on the flatbed printer, often check and firm the parts of flatbed printers installation. Do not let the wires off from machine or loose.Especially air filter of the ink tank, deputy ink tank, these easily mixed with all kinds of dust particles and will ink pollution.It will produce the wear for print head and parts of print head.

Some manufacturer has a earthed wire and heat sink in the print head of flatbed printer. It can effectively eliminate static grounding line electricity and prevent the nozzle be worn or dust adsorption.When the working time of flatbed printer nozzle is slightly longer, please pay attention to the nozzle temperature and ensure the normal work of the heat sink.

The last but not least, the earthed wire facility of flatbed printer must be ensure perfect .It will produce electrostatic in work shop due to particles invisible air friction. The electrostatic for every system environment of flatbed printer are huge great damage.

Shenzhen Maxcan intelligent carriage lifting elevator techniques will solve these problems effectively. Intelligent carriage elevator can according to the thickness of the material automatic relize the memory lift adjustment, to ensure that the nozzle is apart from the material with a ideal height and the characteristics of the rise and fall of stability, accurate positioning, deft and agile.Thereby reducing the print error effectively

heads of UV printer
heads of UV printer