What are the most important parameters for UV flatbed printers?

When you are going to buy printers, you will feel confused when you face lots of printer parameters. How to purchase a printer in this case? What are the most important parameters for a good printer? We’d like to offer our suggestions.

  • Maximum printing size

UV flatbed printer can print different materials and be applied into different industries. Different printers have different printing size. When customers buy printers, they should choose the size which can meet their daily output demand.

(2) Print head

For any printing equipment, print head plays an important role for the printing quality. Nowadays Ricoh print head GEN5 and Epson print head D×5 are most popular ones which adopt drop on-demand piezo technology and non-stop ink supply system.

(3) Printing precision

Printing effects are decided by final printing precision which is expressed by dpi and the higher of this value, the better of the printing effects. Printing precision usually has three kinds 600×1200dpi, 1200×1200dpi and 2400×1200dpi. Customers can choose the printing precision according to the printing modes.


Maxcan offers many different models of UV flatbed printers. Customers always can purchase a suitable printer from Maxcan. If you are interested, please contact us.