Weekly maintenance for UV flatbed printer

maxcan uv faltbed printer maintenance


  • Clean the grating; check if there is ink, grease, dust and other dirt on it; if necessary, in the case of power failure, use non-dust cloth with alcohol to gently wipe.
  • Check the gas path; Check whether interface looses, pipeline damaged and gas leak;
  • Check if there is abnormal sound made by the guide rail, slider and the rise and fall of Z axis;clean and add the right amount of grease;
  • Print head cleaning, moisturizing structure; check whether there is wear, clean and add the right amount of grease;
  • If the plate glue is not sticky, please immediately re-glue so as to avoid the material abrasion on the print head.

Warning: Remember that grease is prohibited to be stained on the grating and belt!