Varnish UV flatbed printer


customers who have used UV flatbed printer know that, in addition to the embossing effect, UV flatbed printer also can achieve varnish effect. Varnish not only can make the material surface more smooth and beautiful, but also protect the painting on the material.

Customers can choose desirable vanish effect according to the actual requirements. There are four kinds. 1. Overall  Varnish 2. partial varnish 3.extinction Varnish 4. Art Varnish

  1. Overall Varnish

The overall varnish is mainly to enhance the durability and wear resistance of the product. At the same time, overall varnish can improve the gloss of printing products. The most common application is on the tile.

  1. Local Varnish

Local varnish is to emphasize the graphic part and form a contrast to achieve the formation of wonderful artistic effect.

  1. Extinction varnish

Extinction varnish with uv matte oil, in contrast to ordinary varnish, this varnish will reduce the gloss of the printed product, can produce classical artistic effects, and this effect will not reflect the light, can better protect The eyes of the viewer.

  1. Art varnish

Art Varnish use special varnish to print on the surface of the product, to better highlight the art of printing products, so that the printed matter looks magnificent, more realistic and elegant.