UV Flatbed Printers with Ricoh Heads are Better than That with EPSON Heads

Maxcan offers UV flatbed printers with Ricoh heads,which are with higher speed,higher cost-effective and better feedback.Then what’s the difference between Ricoh printers and EPSON printers?What’s the advantage of Ricoh printers?
First of all, UV flatbed printers offer higher printing speed to meet high production demands.The production of EPSON printers is less than that of Ricoh printers. Take phone covers printing for an example. A normal EPSON printer can print 3000 pcs to 4000 pcs phone covers at 24 hours working status per day. But a Ricoh printer can print 10 times more than that of a EPSON printer.Of course,a Ricoh printer is more expensive than that of EPSON printer. As for price of EPSON printers, most people can afford. But for Ricoh printers, the normal price is above 200,000 RMB. However, value decides the price , Ricoh printer shows its advantages to prove that it worth of the price.
Secondly,their cost-effective and precision are different.A EPSON printer is like a girl,which provides precise and beautiful products. But it has the features of a girl,too.EPSON printers will have some problems now and then. And the most terrible problem is its ink system. We believe that all users who used EPSON printers before are impressed on this problem.
However,a Ricoh printer is like a man. Compared with EPSON printers, they cannot provide very precise printing, but they will be faster than EPSON printers. And the performance of Ricoh printers is also like men,who are healthy. Users who used Ricoh printers before must know that though continuous production for several months, there will be no problem in printers.
As for the difference between Ricoh printers and EPSON printers,only users who used printers before can offer their advice. Generally, Ricoh printers and EPSON printers have their own advantages. But relatively,Ricoh printers are better.