UV Flatbed Printer Should Be Operated with Original Ink

UV ink for UV flatbed printers is the new type of ink,which is rapidly developing environmental friendly ink recently.UV ink is cured because of exposition to UV light by chemical reaction.it’s composed by light polymerized prepolymer,photoinitiator,organic colour and additive.Among the components, light polymerized prepolymer is the key part,which is the start of chemical reaction.
As is well-known,the quality of UV ink is directly related to the printing output and UV heads. Currently, so many manufacturers use ink made in China, and there will be difference among ink quality and price.The lower price is not refer to saving the cost. Because lower price ink may cause clog of heads,bad printing output and terrible colors,which will waste more manpower and material resources.It will increase the cost to make much loss. This is also the experience provided by users.
Thus,it’s better to use the ink which suppliers recommend,because the ink has been tested strictly,whcih can guarantee the quality of printers and heads.