UV Flatbed Printers Can Be Applied Into Various Industries

UV flatbed printer as a relatively new digital inkjet printing equipment,it brings much surprise in recent years for customers!

Firstly, TV setting wall is definitely the most popular application for UV flatbed glass printing machine. It not only prints photo-quality designs, but also can print the irregularities, 3D, embossed and other effects, which added much value for ceramic tiles! And with UV ink, UV printing is water-proof with lasting color without fading, which usually can be kept for 10 years to 20 years without fading.

Secondly, the glass sliding door is also a popular application for UV flatbed printers.According to statistics, China is the largest international market for sliding doors, and sliding door market is still about 70% space for the demand. UV flatbed machine can print on plain flat glass, glass, frosted glass and many other types.Colors and patterns can be freely designed.

However, wood-like ceramic tiles recently are popular. Generally tile patterns are natural, or made by fire, both of the production process costs much, and there is no customization, only mass production of various color samples to sell in the market. Which one is in the hot-sale,then suppliers will produce more, it is easy to fall into a passive situation. The UV flatbed printer is to solve this problem, which makes DIY customization very simple. After printing, it will be the same as wood tiles. (Note: When printing, to ensure it wear-proof and waterproof, it is needed to use a specific coating)

Now, UV flatbed printer has been applied into crystal crafts, signs and plaques, especially in the advertising industry and the wedding industry. With white ink , UV flatbed printers can print on transparent acrylic and crystal products with beautiful text and images. White, colors, white, 3 inks can be printed on the surface of the medium at same time,which not only improves the printing process, but also ensures the printing effect.

In fact, the application of UV flatbed printers is far more than these, they are also can be applied into mobile phone shell printing, thick leather printing, wooden printing and so on. With investment in one set of UV flatbed printer, there will be no problem to do all kinds of business.It’s key for you to have a pair of eyes to find market demands and a shrewd brain.Creativity is always the greatest wealth.