UV Flatbed Printers are Popular with Lower Cost

With the increasing price of ink & media, the cost of enterprise increases accordingly.Faced with fierce competition,it’s better to save the cost and provide high-quality porinter at the same time.

The advantages of UV flatbed printers are as below:
First of all, it’s a new technology.New generation UV flatbed printers apply new LED cold lighting source technology without thermal radiation.Uv flatbed printers apply new EPSON heads to smartly inkjet ink,which has higher precision than traditional UV printers.

Secondly, it will save cost.It saves time.UV flatbed printer can be turned on at once without preheat. And there is not necessary to wait for the printing.High-quality servo motor and lead screw to speed the printing and make you to size more orders in the market,which will enhance the profit.It can save the electricity.Compared with mercury lamp,whose power consumption is 3KW, UV lamp’s power consumption is only 300W,which is the 10 percent of that of mercury lamp. It can save 90 percent electricity.It provides longer service time,which can work outdoor at least for 3 to 5 years.

UV flatbed printers combine customized design with creative design perfectly,which will generate countless creative products.From graphic design to structure design, from product design to choice of materials,there will be various effects.It not only greatly enhance the additional value of products, but also meet customer demands.

In order to provide better printing technology,which is printing and changes at the same time. It will really achieve zero stock.This printing technology also can improve the ability for enterprises among the fierce market competition.

To enjoy high-quality printing without minimum order quantity, even 1 pc can be accepted.