UV flatbed printer printing effect problems and solutions

1. Printing effect right and left ghosting and blurred

Failure analysis: the grating sensor mistakenly read the location, or motor sync wheel screws loose.

Solution: check if the grating is with dust. If yes, wipe the grating and grating sensor with a clean cloth dipped in medical alcohol ; lock tightly the motor sync wheel screws.


2. Printing effect before and after ghosting and blurred.

Failure analysis: Y-axis drive system appears loose.

Solution: Check the Y-axis reducer, coupling and screw precision screw and lock the loose part.


3. Image discoloration during printing

Failure analysis: ink supply shortage

Solution: stop printing images, print the nozzle status to determine which color is lack of ink, press the ink to see the nozzle lack of color whether bubble. If bubble, reduce the negative pressure. If there is no bubble , further check the nozzle voltage.


4. Easy to blur when printing small fonts.

Failure analysis: height between print material and print head is too much , or print material with static electricity.

Solution: first determine the color register is no problem; to achieve good results, you have to choose one-way printing; adjust the print height as low as possible; wipe the static electricity on printing material.