UV flatbed printer operating steps and configuration

UV flatbed printer operating steps:

1, Start UV flatbed printer, and check if the ups power supply is normal.

2, Check if the ink in the ink tank is sufficient.

3, Make sure there is no residual air in the ink pipeline and nozzle is clean.

4, The printer platform should be flat. Operators can adjust the platform through the level instrument.

5, Make sure the purple light is normal.


UV flatbed printer configuration:

1, the table frame with square welding heat treatment, the overall processing side and the upper surface, Y rails, ball screw mounted on the side of the frame, reducing the size of the equipment, the overall processing of the suction platform installation surface , To ensure the accuracy of the platform, and the aging treatment (placed in natural conditions for 30 days, after natural deformation, finishing will follow), to ensure that the platform and the rack for a long time without deformation, extend equipment life and accuracy.

2, Y-axis drive motor gearbox and the active pulley shaft through the elastic coupling, active pulley at both ends through the bearing support, reducing the motor load and improve equipment life.

3, An increase of medium automatic detection device, nozzle height automatic control system can automatically detect the thickness of the print media, (not more than 100mm), and the height of the nozzle automatically adjust to the user’s equipment height, to achieve a perfect print in a variety of materials.

4, The nozzle anti-collision system. Once the operator due to inadvertently forget to let the equipment to detect material height in advance, it is very likely in the printing process the nozzle hit the hard material and cause damage to print head. The anti-collision system can avoid this kind of accident.

5, The use of dual-screw drive system to ensure print accuracy and print quality.

6, The use of mute rail screw to ensure that in the high-speed operation process the noise can be kept within 40 decibels and can greatly improve the accuracy.

7, The user-friendly design touch screen has a good man-machine interface, easy to operate and can achieve the effect of intuitive.

8, IGUS German drag chain, suitable for high-speed movement, can greatly reduce the harness wear, extend the service life of the wiring harness.

10, Intelligent negative pressure and positive pressure ink system.