UV flatbed printer manufacturers introduced UV printing so rapidly

First, to meet the common wishes of customers

Now customers want a machine that can print on any medium, and UV printing will do just that. UV printing is environmentally friendly UV inks, breaking the inkjet technology can only be printed on the soft material restrictions, and can be done on a few centimeters thick hard media for high-quality printing. Truly digital printing into the industrial field breakthrough.

Second, low-cost, high-income

UV printing is very economical, printing materials without special treatment before printing and after printing, saving a lot of manpower and material resources. And the real printing of non-printing, leaflets and bulk processing costs are the same, customers can cost-effectively complete the short and medium version of live parts for our customers to increase more business opportunities and profits.

Third, the function is more complete

UV printing technology complements the traditional screen printing process deficiencies, not only for small print jobs, but also for proofing and simulation images. Customers can choose the most suitable technology from a wide range of processes.

Fourth, the operation is simple and efficient

UV printing design and production process is very simple, one person can complete the operation, to meet customer delivery requirements of the best and provide more business opportunities.