UV flatbed printer ink problems and solutions

  1. Ink does’t come out when press the ink press button.

Failure analysis: positive pressure abnormalities.

Solution: Check if the ink switch, ink press button, positive pressure pump and solenoid valve.


  1. The printer alarm

Failure analysis: Secondary ink cartridges are lack of ink.

Solution: first check if the secondary ink cartridges issue ink signal, and then check if the ink pump is working and the filter is clogged.


  1. Ink printed on the materials can not be cured.

Failure analysis: UV lamp curing energy is not enough.

Solution: Replace the uv lamp


  1. Ink does’t come out when print pictures and when make interval ink spray.

Failure analysis: print head power supply abnormalities.

Solution: first measure whether the print head has power supply output. If no, change the power; if yes, further check whether the print head board is abnormal.