UV Flatbed Printer Drawing Reasons?


First, uv flatbed printer nozzle plugged

This is a problem that UV flatbed printers often encounter when printing. The UV flatbed printer is dot-matrix printed with dots of a certain density (DPI). Therefore, any one orifice is blocked, it may cause no silk out of the situation, which is often referred to as drawing.

Reason 1: The reason for the quality of the machine, a good machine must be tested by the battlefield, we often say that what can be bought is not worth the real worthless is some invisible, such as experience, technology Precipitation, these invisible things is just some big manufacturers with years of money invested in exchange for the result is the machine is mature, stable, durable, failure rate, can continue to work.

Reason 2: The reason for the ink, it is very important, now the nozzle of the same type of ink on the market, some manufacturers 400 yuan, and some manufacturers 500 yuan, and some 600 yuan, and even imported machines with ink may be thousands, Is the cheap ink manufacturers selling is the discovery of a conscience, wholeheartedly for the sake of customers, is your company’s black ink money making money, the so-called penny goods, not used to buy buy machine manufacturers, after all, Figure A peace of mind, and then the simple truth, but many customers still ate in this loss, blind figure cheaper, cheaper ink composition is simple, simple production process, post-processing simple, the final result is the result of unqualified ink chemical composition, Incontour ink filter is not complete, useless how long there is nozzle plugging situation.
Second, uv flatbed printer nozzle oblique spray

The so-called oblique spray ink dot is able to point out, but did not spray it to the location of the spray. In this way, the original place to be sprayed with a white line appeared, while a darker line appeared next to it.

Reason 1: the problem of machine maintenance, this link may also lead to oblique spray and blockage, the environment is very important, must be clean and tidy, can not be mixed with other machines, popular is to make the UV flatbed printer white-collar workers, live Into the office stifled, but also blowing air conditioning, the size should be moderate, not too large nor too small

Reason 2: The frequency of use, this is also very important, as people do the same time, but also need to stop and take a rest, to restore fatigue, such as drinking water, eating, supplementation and conditioning, and then re-to the best State into the work, the machine is the same, working time is long, but also there will be mechanical fatigue, mechanical things believe that most of the original device is made of metal, the use of a long time will have thermal expansion, each Different parts of the expansion value is different, so the result is to lead to mechanical deformation, thus affecting the overall performance of the machine, so the best machine is usually about three hours of work about half an hour downtime, so that all parts of the machine cooling, plus Come on, lubricants and the like.