Daily using trick for uv flatbed printer

Daily using trick for uv flatbed printer


In daily production process, clients can follow belowing few tips to ensure and extend the lifetime of Maxcan printing machines:

1, Better print a test strip before the end of printing work every day to ensure that all inkjet nozzles are normal.
2, In conditions of not affecting working progress, always print in 8 pass mode, which can reaches a minimum damage to nozzle.
3, Try to keep a constant temperature and humidity, which is about 25 degrees and 60% humidity under normal circumstance.
4, Keep anti-dust indoor, especially keep your printers away from engraving machines and so on which is easy to bring dust.
5, No any other materials on machines which are not suitable for being printed.
6, Machines must connect to ground line. Do not connect to lightning rod, radiator, water pipe, etc.
7, No household electrical appliances around the machine and stay away from large magnetic field and electric field.
8, There is no special pressure paper for machine and don’t print on materials in poor quality in order to avoid nozzle crashing and mainboard burning.
9, If there still exists break or invisible lines after several times cleaning, please stop working for 10 minutes. Same conditions for 5 times cleaning, please contact our agent engineer.
10, Avoid ink and machine from direct sunlight and use up ink in 15days after opening.
11, The indicator lights “Roll”, “Color”, “Normal” must be showed on the printer control panel when printing otherwise images may be abnormal.
12, Check ink cartridge at least once a week to prevent waste ink overflow.
13, Check flash ink pad and Scraper at least once half of a month, any sundries please remove by using tweezers or tissue.


Printed by Maxcan F1500G:

CE F1500 1