Two Misunderstandings Analysis of UV Flatbed Printers

With rapid development of high-technology currently, the development and innovation of UV flatbed printers is at a high speed accordingly. And UV flatbed Printers occupy a leading position in inkjet printing area. But this rapid development make people cannot correctly understand UV flatbed printers.As for enlarging pictures to print and digital printing

Misunderstanding 1:6 Colors printer will waste more ink than 4 Colors printer, and 4 colors will make the colors which users require.
Some 6 colors UV flatbed printers will add LC and LM.4 colors printers often use ink drop quantity to show the printing effect. In highlight and bright places,the ink drops will be fewer, and the distance of the ink drops is big,which makes it clear to see the ink drops.So for sky,cloud,skin,glass,metal and so on smooth images,there will be dots,which reduces the image quality.If it’s a 6 corlor printer with LC and LM, it will use LC and LM to show highlight and bright printing effects,then the ink drop quantity can keep the balance,and the distance of ink drops can be dealt well.Thus highlight and bright places can be clear,fine and vivid.
Misunderstanding 2:No need to choose UV flatbed printers with high-precision because 600 DPI is the same with 1440 DPI.
Separately check the printing products of 600 DPI and 1440 DPI,the difference is not clear. But take them together to compare,the difference is very clear.Apart from coarse feeling of ink, there will be like a film covering the printing images,which makes the graphics unclear. If there are requirements of small lines and words,600DPI will be not enough.But for precision 1440 DPI, the diameter ink drop is less than half that of 600 DPI, the net weight 1kg,which is one third of that of 600 DPI.The small ink drops make printing images bright and fine and details can be dealt with well.Precision 1440 DPI is the indicator of development of inkjet technology and enlarge the possibility of UV flatbed Printer application,600 DPI will be less vivid,but 1440 DPI can meet the precision requirements.And it’s more convenient,quicker and cheaper.
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