Defaulted components

Fault phenomenon

Failure cause



Vacuum bump

buzzer alarm one time

main vacuum bump broken; or negative pressure is too low; or the parameter of negative pressure meter is modified.

replace the broken main vacuum bump or increase the

negative pressure or reset the parameter of negative pressure meter, and reset the ink system.



buzzer alarm two times

negative pressure exceed the limit.

adjust the negative pressure to the normal level


ink bump

buzzer alarm three times

continuous ink supply time is too long

check if ink bottle is lack of ink. If yes, then add ink into it; If not, check if ink bump is broken or there is ink leakage.


wires or circuit board

buzzer alarm four times

Outside devices control board fails to communicate with head control board.

check the wire between outside devices control board and head control board.



buzzer alarm five times

ink flows into the negative pressure tank

check if the negative pressure is too high or if liquid level sensor is broken. The air tube should be cleaned or replaced.



buzzer alarm six times

ink bottle is lack of ink.

check which color ink is in lack and add it.


UV lamp

UV lamp don’t work; or sometimes work and sometimes refuse to work; UV curing is not complete

filter cotton is too dirty; or voltage is not stable; or lifetime of UV lamp is over

replace the dirty cotton; or check if the working voltage is normal; or replace the UV lamp.


Shutter of UV lamp

Shutter is blocked and can not open or close

the block is caused by high temperature expansion

find the failure cause and make the mechanical adjustment


two level boat-shape switch

UV lamp and air pressure bump refuse to work; the connector is burned.

high current operation

replace the two level boat-shape switch and be sure that the connection is tight enough.


¢4X2.4 ink tube

the negative pressure lower down when carriage is moving or there is ink leakage in the chain.

ink tube wear from rubbing in the chain

replace ink tube


outside device control board

error reported from software “the communication with outside device control board is failed”

computer case is not connected with ground; or operate the communication wire in electrification; or open/close the printer frequently

replace the outside device control board; be sure to close the printer and computer first before operating the communication wire; to be sure that the interval time is at least 30 seconds between each opening/closing machine.


photo-electricity switch at the left origin point

the left guide can not come back to the origin, and the photo-electricity switch indicator light is always bright.

the photo-electricity original switch is dirtied by dust which blocked the light.

Cleaning the switch by alcohol or replace a new one.



The computer halts, all software can not be operated

computer was attacked by virus

Kill virus; or write down the temperature and voltage parameters and re-install the computer and software.


raster or raster reader

empty banding in vertical direction; or double images in horizontal direction; error report from software “error with raster”

raster is dirtied by dust or wrong installation with raster reader

clean the raster with alcohol or adjust raster reader


the end cover of guide rail beam

there is abnormal noise from the end cover of guide rail beam

sympathetic vibration

adjust the tightness of fixing screws



all the nozzles of black print head seriously slanting spray

the head surface of black ink tend to be cured

wipe the head surface with lint-free cloth for more times until it is recovered


negative pressure adjusting button

negative pressure is

not stable which cause ink-drop

dust enters into negative pressure adjust button which effects the air flow

clean negative pressure adjust button monthly


image data card

can not found image data card

the image data card is not inserted correctly or without driver software or gold fingers is dirty.

insert the image data card correctly or re-install driver software or clean the gold fingers of card