The work environment changing of universal printer can’t be too severe

Universal printer as a high effect and low cost digital directlt print equipment,Outshine others in the industry and occupies a lot of Market share, the use of customer is also more and more, especially the north and domestic coastal growing generation of customers, Let’s see the essential purpose of universal printer in various industries.

The work environment of universal printer is too moist or too dust, the some parts and print nozzle may be corrosion and polluted.And the work environment changing of universal can’t be too severe.Otherwise the thermal expansion of the parts will give rise to the more damage of mechanical parts. Especially the changing of plastic parts of ink box and the print nozzle is also affect the printing effect. Therefore, the universal printer should be put on a environment which is dry ,clean and the light is not from the sun directly . And also note that the appropriate increase the ventilation and heat preservation.

During the holiday season, due to long time no use universal printer, the print heads or lose residual ink in the ink channels may become dry.Otherwise,especially in the winter,ink will generate impurities such as sediment after the cartridge cold.These all will cause blocking of printing head or ink tube,affect the printing effect. For example,there will be the phenomenon of lack of pen, painting, lack of color, partial color and so on. Even cannot print. Bring a lot of inconvenience to the customer. In order to avoid the above , users need to take some maintenance measures.