The Ten behaviors of damaging to the print head of uv flatbed printer

The Ten behaviors of damaging to the print head of uv flatbed printer.

1.Random removing the electrical installation Lk of UV flatbed printersunder the condition of not shuting off the power switch,or cutting off the total power . This behavior will damage the service life of the systemand harm print head.

2.Random charging different kind of ink, or use the ink or cleaning liquid which the quality closes nevertheless. Two different Configuration ink hybrid will change the ink color and ink quality, quality will affect the print effect and block the ink nozzle.And the print head may be corrosion if using the cleaning liquid which the quality closes nevertheless

3.Using high pressure air gun cleaning energetically the nozzle. If nozzle just be blocked slightly, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner to ashes dust wash out, then a detailed cleaning, do not use this way.

4.Soaking the whole print head in the cleaning liquid. Cleaning liquid has some corrosive, so generally only Import appropriate cleaning liquid into the nozzle for cleaning.

5.Keeping the cleaning liquid in the print head for more than 2 whole days. Soak with cleaning liquid for a long time can be more effectively remove stains. But it will harm for the nozzles if more than 48 hours.

6.Cleaning print head by no quality products. Print head is very easy to be polluted and weared. So please use the product which is factory Specify product and passed quality inspection to clean print head.

7.Use external force to adjust the location of print head. Whether replace or fine-tuning print head, don’t use brute force. Please treat the print head with caution according to the specification.

8.No paying attention to protect circuit boards and other internal systems when cleaning. Please shut off the power, and pay attention to let the water far away the circuit boards and other internal systems when cleaning .

9.Using ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the print head for long time . In fact, There is no need to ultrasonic cleaning if notice at ordinary times print head maintenance. Ultrasound can cause bad influence of print head. But if the congestion is serious, You need to use ultrasonic cleaning. A cleaning time up to 3 minutes. If feeling not clean after one time cleaning, please after waitting for natural cooling to normal condition to reentry the second time cleaning.

10.No paying attention to the safety of ground. UV flatbed printers print is highly affected by the static electricity.So regularly sprinkle a little salt water around ground wire when it is connected.