The Features of F2500G Ricoh print head UV printer

High Stability

1.Applied all steel frame structure,better-structured frame made it highly stable and high precision.
Beam with double guide rail steel, the carriage run more quickly and smoothly.
2.Sectional platform vacuuming,inlet volume controlling for different media makes printing easier
and more efficient.
3.Equipped with unique anti-collision system for print head,easier to adjust by different
media,avoid chance to damage print head by any misoperation.

High Precision

1.Equipped with media thickness auto-detect system,self-adjustment,deliver a smooth printing
with various media.
2.High precision,2-4 print heads of Ricoh gray scan capability,Variable drops to print,Minimum
ink drop is 7pl,Maximum ink drop is 21pl. Photo level precision, it can clear print the font
of 2pt.The carriage can position by using fixed linear grating, to ensure high precision printing.
3.Maxcan developed processing color system,easy to use ,simple operating.The user can choose
various ways to use white ink.

High Speed

1.The operating jetting frequency of Ricoh Gen5 is 60kHz
2. 4PASS Bl-directional printing speed 26MM/H
6PASS Bl-directional printing speed 17MM/H
8PASS Bl-directional printing speed 13MM/H
3.The maximum speed of beam is 1400 mm/S
4.Life: 100 billion actuation’s per nozzle
Average service life is 3 to 5 years
Please consult customer service or call: 400-086-3158 if you need more information about the UV flatbed printer.