The era of high price, low cost to earn profits

In recent years, all walks of life are abnormal fierce competition.Many enterprise fight the price war because of just enter into the line. The same crafts, if your cost is lower than others, so your competitive advantage is also superior to the other in the same industry a lot.But today the price of a variety of raw materials rose, making the production cost of enterprises higher and higher, lead to enterprise is hard to make money, how to control costs become many enterprises urgently needs.Control cost, reduce cost become the necessary choice of enterprises, It is the problem which enterprise need to meet that in raw material supply and printing costs.

For printing industrial ,the main way of reducing cost is cotrolling the printing ink. Such as Maxcan flatbed printer,the price of color ink is 500 RMB per liter, 1 liter ink can print about 60-80 sqm. It means that every squre meter needs about 8RMB. It is about 15RMB with the cost of artificial water and electricity.For example , glass move-door ,its price basically is RMB100 in the market. The better effect product even are sold to five or six hundred yuan,which are very profitable.

We recommend customer to use the uv ink. Except the easy to accep price ,there is a big advantage — environmental protection. Particularly for the material of indoor decoration,Environmental protection non-toxic products must be a product of people straight pursuit.

In the printing industrial ,there is no doubt that flatbed printer is a low cost ,high profit and energy conservation and environment protection equipment. Under the present big market,flatbed printer must be the indispensable printing equipment in the printing industrial.