The considerations of UV flatbed printers’ led lamps

It becomes more and more common that the LED technology used on UV flatbed printers. LED technology can completely replace the traditional high-pressure mercury lamp. No thermal radiation, low energy, high life, low cost, high efficient, safe and green. It has these advantages, but at the same time, in the actual production process, we also should pay attention to the following matters to better protect the health of workers and prolong the service life of the machine.

1.Please do not look straight into the uv light source of LED lights, do not let skin expose on uv light for a long period of time, or ultraviolet light can cause damage to your eyesight and skin;

2.Please do not bend the LED cable frequently, otherwise it will cause line break off;

3.Do not disassemble it casual, remove the equipment may cause electrical short circuit or uv light leakage, thus caused the abandonment of LED lights, Then the machine can’t normal use.

4.Equipment power on or power off soon, please do not touch or let the light light head. The dust and dirt in hand easily adhesion on the surface of the lamp, influence the irradiation of ultraviolet , if uneven force, may also be damaged internal transistor, cause the decrease of the strength of the light source, Then it can’t achieve the result of rated.