Solutions for Nozzle Plugging When Printing

Macan Color Printing Machine, as a top three manufacturing UV flatbed printer in Shenzhen for more than 5years,tell how to maintain the print head and keep the printer longer service life below:

A.Nozzle slightly plugged
Press PAUSE immediately when the nozzles are slightly plugged when printing, move the print head to carriage initial place, press some ink, then use dust-free cloth clean the head printing surface.

B.Nozzle seriously blocked
1.Press PAUSE immediately when the nozzles are seriously blocked when printing, move the print head to carriage initial place.
2.Keep the machine power on, pull up the liquid level signal line from the head control board.
3.Pull up the ink refill tube from the print head, then use glass syringe to take some dedicated cleaning fluid to clean the head. Every time take 40ml cleaning fluid, do 3-4times,every 10 minutes do a time
4.After cleaning, reconnect the tube and liquid level sensor signal lines, then continue printing.

C.If above steps don’t work, then continue below:
1. Take off the print head.
2. Submerge the head bottom 2-3mm in the glass container, use preservative film/plastic wrap to seal the glass container for 1 day, which for dust-free.
3. After one day submergence, re-do above step B.3.
4. Test if the head is ok to print, see the liquid flowing statues from the head, if the liquid is straight (no spray slanting),it means the head is ready to print.