Reasons For Peculiar Smell Caused By UV Printer During Actual Operation

Sometimes UV Flatbed Printer will emit peculiar smell during the actual operation, and the worse the ink is, the stronger the smell is. Why is it?

Now Maxcan will explain the reasons for you as below:

Reason 1,The UV Curing Lamp of UV Flatbed Printer generates slight ozone when it works.This smell is light and little,which is hard to be smelled usually.

Reason 2, Influenced by environment, different media develops relevant chemical substances,which will generate pungent smell.

Reason 3, Products of UV Flatbed Printer have a certain smell. And hey will emit peculiar smell after curing or chemically reacting with various media.

Reason 4,In order to satisfy their requirements for products,some clients add some assistant and accessories during the actual operation of UV Flatbed Printer,which may leave residuum to emit pungent smell.