Reasons for Long Survival of UV Flatbed Printers

UV flatbed printers can survive and develop among various industries for its technology of individualized printing (print as they want) and a large quantity of demands.From graphic quick printing and government printing at first,after years of development and accumulation,UV flatbed printers changed from quantity into quality,which makes great achievements in application area,application dimension and application scale.
1.Application dimension of UV flatbed printers is bigger and longer. UV flatbed printers are applied into commercial industry,which required bigger and longer printing dimension,such as glass ornaments industry,ceramic tile setting wall industry,construction industry,advertising industry and so on. With the development of industry,UV flatbed printers change accordingly.Color printing of books is decided by the rapid age development.
2.Color, scale and high-end of UV flatbed printers application.Influenced by economy,building graphics,books and so on have reduced,but at the same time,but industry applications of commerce,publishment and packaging to increase the whole printing quantity.packing is a key factor of enterprises marketing,which is related to visual effects,and publishment and packing are in large scale production,which makes more and more digital printers applied into color printing.So scale and high-end application is increasing.
3.Scale industry application of UV flatbed printers.As we all know,digital color printing market is very big.Once the technology of UV flatbed printers is accepted by customers,then suppliers will pay much attention to large production.Thus UV flatbed printers become a production line for scale production.
UV flatbed printers are a kind of digital color printers without plates making,which will not be limited by different media.UV flatbed printers can print on T-shirt,pull door,cabinet door,glass,boards,signs,crystals,PVC,acrylic,metal,plastic,stone,leather and so on. It will make printing quickly and no need to make plate.The printing is colorful,wareproof,ultraviolet-proof,easy operation,high-speed printing,which meet the requirements of industry printing.