Print Head Gen5 Installation Instruction

Dear Maxcan Customers,

Thanks for choosing Maxcan. Please read the below instructions carefully after receiving the print head and follow the instructions to inspect and install the print head.

Cosmetic Inspection

  1. Check whether the package is extruded or deformed.
  2. Check whether the appearance is good.
  3. Check whether the print head cables have broken indentation.
  4. Check whether the bottom of the print head has scratches.


  1. Don’t clean the new print head with cleaning liquid so as to avoid foreign matters getting into the nozzle (When cleaning print head, the filter should be used together to prevent impurity getting into the nozzle and cleaning pressure should be controlled 30KPa below. UV cleaning fluid should not drop in a straight line status).
  2. To prevent clogging of the print head, it is recommended to install the print head in a clean environment.
  3. To avoid electrostatic damage to the print head chip, please install the print head under the electrostatic protection environment.
  4. To avoid damaging the print head face, do not touch the print head face by hand.
  5. Be careful to protect the print head cable from scratching or cutting off by external forces.
  6. The print head positioning plug should be fully inserted into the mounting

hole to prevent tilt installation of the print head.

  1. To avoid excessive force applied to the print head, the torque should be controlled by about 0.63Nm.
  2. To avoid damaging the ink supply port, do not apply force horizontally when installing and removing the ink supply hose.
  3. Do not insert or plug the print cable when power is on. And do not oblique insert the cable to avoid bad contact and print head damage.

Print head installation steps

  1. Turn off the power of the printer, connect the ink tube with the upper and lower connectors of the print head filter (the filter side with word should face up).
  2. Use cleaning liquid to clean the connected print head filter assembly from top to bottom.
  3. Connect the filter assembly to the print head ink inlet (the filter side with word should face up).
  4. Connect the ink tube to the print head ink outlet and cover the plug.
  5. Place the print head firmly into the print head mounting hole and secure it (not tilted, squeezed, bumped).
  6. Press ink and remove the air inside the print head.
  7. Print the best print head test status chart, sign on it and save the chart.

If you have any questions, please send email to