Print Head and Printing Effect

Maxcan UV flatbed printers can print embossing effect pictures but invisible to the eyes. And its 3D effect can be felt by sense of touch. If you touch gently, you can feel the concave and convex clearly. This effect will enhance the quality and level of printing products.What’s more, it’s wearproof and never fades away.
print head & effect (3)Ricoh GEN5 Print Head
1. As an industrial print head, Rocoh GEN5 head is currently widely used. In public, it is the best and most cost-effective print head.
2. Ricoh GEN5 head has totally 1280 nozzles. Each prints 2 colors.
3. Ricoh GEN5 head consists of independent plate, connecting cables and core head. It’s all steel structure with printing width as 54mm and strong corrosion – resistance.
4. Ricoh GEN5 head can work for 24 hours continuously per day. Ricoh GEN5 head can be used for 3 – 5 years, over 3 times than that of other heads.
5. Ricoh GEN5 head offers smallest inkdot as 7PL. UV printing effect is excellent and lifelike, which can print words clearly in 2pt font with variable inkdot printing.
6. Ricoh GEN5 is hardly influenced by the work environment, free from influence of ink temperature and viscosity (suitable for a variety of ink to offer high resolution printing and smooth inkjet).
ricoh gen5 print headRicoh GH2220 Print Head
1. Ricoh GH2220 print head is a kind of economical industrial head with low cost, applied all-steel
structure and 4 gray levels variable inkdot printing.
2. It is the only one which can achieve 3pl inkdot printing among industrial heads, which is with higher resolution than EPSON,which offers 3.5pl inkdot. What’s more,Ricoh GH2220 more flexibly control the variable inkdot printing.
3. Speed of Ricoh GH2220 is faster than that of EPSON head (EPSON head can print 5㎡/H while Ricoh GH2220 can print 8-12㎡/H). Thus,EPSON head will face a great challenge.
4. The service life of GH2220 head is 1.5 times longer than that of EPSON head.
5. What’s more, price of a Ricoh GH2220 head is greatly cheaper than that of an EPSON head. if you want to know the specific prices, please contact via email:
gh2220 printer head