Parameters You Depend on to Purchase UV Printers

When you plan to buy a UV flatbed printer, which parameters should you pay attention to ?
A large quantity of parameters will be delivered during the process of purchasing UV flatbed printers,which may make you more confused.If you are a jackaroo, you may not understand the meanings of these parameters,which makes the purchase harder. Then which parameters should be taken into consideration for a jackaroo? Now Maxcan will explain briefly for you as below:

(1)Maximum Printing Width
UV flatbed printer can print on various media and be used in numerous applicable industries, and different printers provide different maximum printing width.during the process of purchase, we should choose the maximum printing width which satisfies your actual printing requirement to meet the needs of daily work.

(2)Print Head
For any inkjet equipment, print head plays a key role for printing quality.Nowadays the UV flatbed printers available in the market are mostly utilized EPSON print head and piezo-electric inkjet technologies with continuous ink supply. With the technology improvements of print head suppliers,the types of domestic UV flatbed printers have changed,among which the EPSON GEN 5 is most popular currently.

(3)Printing Resolution
Printing resolution is an important parameter to measure the final print effect,which is often shown as “dpi”,and the higher printing resolution is better. Common inkjet printers can provide printing resolution such as 600×1200dpi,1200×1200dpi and 2400×1200dpi. You can adjust the printing resolution according to your printing mode.

Maxcan UV printers have various types and configurations.Anyway, here is one printer at least to meet your needs. Please contact us to get more details, Tel:400-086-3158.