Notes on use of Consumables of UV Flatbed Printers

The most important consumable of UV flatbed printers is UV ink,which is environmental friendly.So it’s very popular in current printing.While using UV ink, there will be some notes as below to avoid damaging UV flatbed printers.

1.Clients should use the consumables which are recommended by suppliers,such as printing materials, ink and parts. Otherwise, the printing quality may be bad or the printers cannot work smoothly.

2.Don’t use ovedue ink,wchich damages the printers.

3.Pls put useless ink boxes in a plastic bag and deal with industrial waste.Pls refer to relevant regulations and law about useless ink boxes.

4.Pls avoid touch the ink with your skin or clothes. If touch accidently,pls use soap to wash as soon as possible.

5.Pls check waste ink cartridge regularly to avoid the leakage of ink.(ink in waste ink cartridge cannot be used again.)

6.When getting out the waste cartridge,pls put the paper to avoid ink scattering on the floor.

7.Ink should be stored in a shade to avoid high-temperature and sunshine exposure.Otherwise, the quality of the ink may be changed.

As for a UV flatbed printer, it’s very important to make the maintenance.What’s more, the maintenance should be attached importance to print heads. To some degree, UV ink will influence the print heads. So taking notes on use of UV ink becomes more important.