Notes on Operation of UV Printers

The operation of UV flatbed printers require professional training and principles. Because print heads of UV flatbed printers is easily damaged and blocked, we must pay attention to the operation and utilization of aided parts. If print heads are damaged, it will make loss and some problems never repaired.
Though the operation of flatbed printers is easier, which is controlled by computer software, it cannot be operated carelessly. Because a flatbed printer is large with internal complex system, if operate irregularly, switch for many times or require multiple functions in a short time,it will make the flatbed printer cannot work accordingly or even system halted.These operations make printer continuously under printing condition but not proceed printing,which will damage the print heads.
Besides,before and after the printing of flatbed printers,print heads need to be cleaned.And it cannot be cleaned by ordinary paper or cloth.Otherwise, print heads will get dust and fiber to be blocked.
Then we should pay attention to the choice of aided parts.
The structure of a flatbed printer is excellent, which has no useless part.Thus, it’s not allowed to tear down the printer. The correct way is to regularly check and strengthen the parts to avoid the loose of data lines.Especially for air filters of main ink box and second ink box,which are easily left particulate matters, they will pollute the ink and damage the print heads and related parts.
Some flatbed printers in factories have grounding wires and heat sinks.Grounding wires can avoid static to get rid of the dust and protect print heads.When the work time of print heads is long, it should be paid attention to the temperature of print heads and make sure the proper functioning of heat sinks.
Last but no least,the equipment of grounding wires should be integrated. Invisible air particles in workplace may generate static,which is harmful for all systems of flatbed printers.
Shenzhen Maxcan developed unique smart lifting system of ink box can solve the problems above successfully. Smart ink box lifting can make lift adjustments by memorization according to media thickness,which make sure the suitable height of print heads,stable lifting,precise positioning and flexible operation to decrease printing errors.