imaxcan 1611GV uv printer

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imaxcan 1611GV uv printer
1611 uv flatbed printer
  • The most Cost-effective Industrial New digital flatbed printers, High Precision, Long Service Time, Low Cost.
    Brand New Design, Equipped with Leading Printing Control System & High-quality Setup!
    1. 3-5 PL Inkdrop .
    2. Applied grey scale print heads, and support levels grey scale printing.
    3. iMaxcan MC1611GV specifically aimed at providing multiple solutions for phone case, advertising signs, ceiling, ceramic tile, glass, leather, art ware, cabinet,closet, gift, and wood industry.
  • iMaxcan UV New digital flatbed printers make a breakthrough in digital printing industry. No need plate-making & repeated chromatography. It offers color printing directly to replace traditional printers!
    1. MC1611GV can print on glass, aluminum, wood, buckle, ceiling, organic board, ceramic tile, corrugated board, foam board, metal, plastic, fabric, wallpaper, brick, stone, etc. Simple block color patterns, full color patterns or transition color patterns can be directly printed. MC1611GV can be applied in various industries with easy operation and considerable profits.
    2. New digital flatbed printers being a breakthrough digital printing technology, achieved truly one time image, no wait, immediate dry, full-color imaging, with its versatile application, allows you to print almost any flat surface.
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New UV flatbed digital printer promotion:

1. GEN5 Print Head
The inkdot of GEN5 print head is 3-5 PL,which offers higher precision than that of RICOH print head. As a grey scale print head, GEN5 offers flexible color. (More printers with Ricoh GEN5 print head:MC1611GV, MC2512GV, MC2030GV)
2. High Precision Mute Linear Guide Rail
Employ imported linear guide rail,long service life,high stability,immensely decrease noise within 40 Db.
3. Germany IGUS Drag Chain
Utilize Germany drag chain on X axis,ideal for protection of cable and tubes under high speed motion.
4. Hard Anodized Vacuuming Platform
Applied brand hard anodized vacuuming platform,avoid damaging the platform by rigid materials.
5. Sectional Vacuuming Platform
Sectional vacuuming platform, easily choose the vacuuming sections, good for various sizes of personalized printing; With full cover for bleeding printing,it will improve the utilization of materials.
6. Electric Ball Valve Control Syetem for Vacuuming Area
Unique and exclusive technology for electric ball valve control system for vacuuming area. After 100,000 times of tests, electric ball valve control system offers longer service time and easy operation.
7. Independent R&D of High Strength Aluminum Beam
Independent R&D of high strength cold drawn aluminum beam,applied international high strength aviation aluminum series, proceed by imported CNC equipment, guarantee precision and stability when printing. The precision is 25% higher than that of counterparts.
8. All Steel Frame Structure
All steel frame structure is made from customized special steels, which offers shell with 5MM thickness.With anti-deformation design for transportation,after highly hardening, antirust treatment and a long time for destructive tests, it can be concluded that strength, precision and stability have reached the leading level of UV flatbed printer industry.
9. High Performance Lead Screw
High speed mute imported lead screw, high-precision (0.002MM),low noise, wear proof and precise positioning.
10. Professional RIP Software
UltraPrint is a professional color management, every iMaxcan printer is equipped with a set of RIP software to ensure output effect and increase customer satisfaction.

 Technical Data
Model Type MC1611GV New digital flatbed printers
Print head type RICOH GEN5
Print head quantity 4+2 / 4+4
Printing platform Vacuuming platform
Media weight 100kg/ Max 100KG
Printing precision 720dpi*1200dpi
Printing mode Uni-directional and BI-directional
Printing speed Draft mode:14.4m²/h
Standard mode:7.98m²/h
Quality mode:5.4m²/h
Print color CMYK、CMYKLclm、Optional(White or varnish)
RIP software ULTRA PRINT、RIP、photoprint、ONYX.
Color control ICC based color, curves and density adjustment
File format Tiff,JPEG,EPS,PDF and more
Interface USB3.0
Printing size Up to 1600X1200mm
Media thickness 1-100mm
Drive system AC high precision servo motor
Power specification AC220V±5%  50HZ>20A
Printer Dimension 3265(L)X2095W)X1350(H)mm
Package Dimension 3.50(L)X2.36(W)X1.7(H)m
Printer net weight 850KG
Operational environment Temperature: 20°C-35°C (68-95°F);
Humidity:40-70 % RH


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