Maxcan UV ink

Maxcan UV Ink

1.environmentally friendly

UV ink consists of 30%~40% of resin, 20%~30% of active monomers and little photoinitiator, leveling agent, defoamers and other additive, in which resin and active monomers have reactivity. UV ink almost will not release VOC during using process and has no pungent odor.

The pigment partical’s diameter in the UV ink is less than 1μwhich can avoid ink clog in the print head. The UV ink has no condensation, precipitation and layering abnomal phenomena after storing in high temperature environment for 6 months.

2.Wide application

UV ink can become dry quickly when it is printed on the medias. After curing, the ink is waterproof, strong corrosive, wearproof and in good adhesion. With these advantages, UV ink is widely used in different materials such as metal, glass, ceramics, PC and PVC and different UV flatbed printers.

3.Embosing effect

UV ink can achieve embosing effect which however can not be done by eco-solvent ink.

Through the accumulation of UV white ink and one-time color ink printing, embossing effect is finished.

4.Coating free

By using UV ink printing, most materials can be printed without coatings. This is cost and time saving.