Maxcan told you how to maintain the print head of uv flatbed printer in the Winter

The weather is getting colder and colder. the wide  range of temperature will be lower than 1 degree Celsius.As you know,the ink is liquid, so as to prevent frozen cause damage to  print headWe suggest that it will be better to adjust the room temperature and it will be most ideal to keep a constant temperature if you use the UV flatbed printers in the room with heating or space. long-term cold and hot alternating it damages or reduces the service life of machines,.Please give the UV flatbed printers a good working environment to reduce fault and maintenance cost.

First,Please keep the indoor temperature of 25 degrees Celsius or  so.And please check the status of ink before opening the machine. It will  be better for maintain the print head if preheating 10 to 20 minutes  ahead of schedule.Please replace to the antifreeze  if you use tap water in  the UV light tank.Confirmation the state of the liquid  before starting. And  please boot normally use after confirmed that it is ok.

Second,compare to summer. The air is dry in winnter,and it is the  illness season of uv flatbed printer. If you are not care for maintain , it may come about nozzles jam,carriage abnormal,even make the nozzle crack.Once appear this kind of failure, that is about to spend a lot of cost. Therefore strengthen maintaining is effective prescription of “appropriate measures “.

Third,Due to the weather is so cold, if indoor (work environment) is relatively cold and too dry , It will be best to  cover a large thick piece of cloth on the universal printer at ordinary times. Specially covering all the into the mouth and out of the mouth  of the paper.Because the print head is in the printer,it can prevent the drops on the print heads solidification if we can ensure that the cold air move into the space of the printer.Otherwise it is easy to cause the plug and the loss of printing effect.

Fourth,Please pay attention to open the machine on at least once a week if no use the machine in a long time.Flatbed printer  need to preheat when in the boot and nozzle cleaning program automatically(Usually boot cleaning water consumed of ink is very small).It can put out the  drops which be attached on the nozzle, to avoid the drops to stay for a long time on the nozzle and cause plugging plug.And do a nozzle check, which can effectively detect the usage of the nozzle, look to whether have the printing phenomenon such as lack of line.

Print head is so precious that please  take good maintenance.