Maxcan Tells You Why UV Printer Market is So Popular

Today, with increasingly personalized of market demands, small-volume,high-precision, environmental protection and high efficiency rate have become demands for fashion. A new generation of UV printers meet this need.Once Led uv flatbed printer launched in the market, they attract wide attention.What are the advantages of flatbed printer?

1, UV printers meet individual needs
To satisfy people’s individual needs. For the majority of designers, it can give full play to the creation. Design drafts can be modified on the computer,and the effect on the computer is the printing effect . With customer satisfaction,it can be directly printed .

2, unlimited color printing of UV printers
It’s not necessary to make plates, saving a lot of time; pattern design and modification can be made on a computer, color matching can be made by the mouse; there is no cost of plates making; reducing the time and saves printing materials; reducing labor expenses.

3, high speed reaction of UV printers , saving printing time
A product will experience from a previous design, sample making from a large printer to delivery,which takes days or even dozens of days. But with application of UV printing, it takes 2-5 minutes to finish the printing, and the production batch is not limited. It’s to realize low-volume, variety and high efficiency of the production process. Besides short process,after finishing printing it’s the finished product.There is no need to be steaming, washing and other processes. After customer decided program, it can be printed out in a relatively short period.

4, UV printer is environmental friendly without pollution.
No water, no sewage. UV flatbed printer is controlled by the computer, on-demand ink jet, neither waste ink nor waste water. There is no noise generated during the printing process to achieve a pollution-free production process.

5, UV printers printing colorfully, clearly and with vivid images
Traditional screen printing with more than 10 chromatic is very difficult. But UV printers offer printing with rich colors.Though full-color design or gradient color printing,it’s very easy to fully realize color photo-effect. Greatly expanded the product design space, it enhances the product quality. UV print patterns is fine with rich layers and clear images, and it can print three-dimensional and painting images.

6, UV printers can print embossed effect with 3D effect and good touch feeling
You can use white ink to print an image with embossed effect, so that the color pattern can be life-like to allow the designers to have more space to play. What’s more, the printing process is not complex. Just like home-use printers, once printing, it’s the finished product,which is the other production technology cannot be matched. Thus, thre is unlimited development of UV printers!