Maxcan Personalized UV printing markets

maxcan uv flatbed printer application

Gifts market

Gifts market grow larger and larger in recent years. Customers prefer to print special pictures, characters, icons on the gifts which can show the value of the products and also good intentions of the givers.


Home-decoration market

More and more customers like to have their favorite pictures to be printed on the floor, ceramic tiles, furniture and so on. Maxcan UV printing can help customers to create a personalized home in this case.


Digital products market

The popular digital products are mainly used by young fashion group who prefer to have personalized pictures on the products. Maxcan UV flatbed printer can print different pictures on different digital products such as cell phone, computer, USB and so on.


Advertising and signage market

Maxcan UV printing can be applied to different membership cards, attendance cards, badges and advertising. Printing effects are vivid and durable.