Maxcan new models promotion

Maxcan new printer F1600GH video demonstration:

The most cost-effective industrial UV printer: F1600GH & F2500GS-16

High precision, Long lifetime, Low cost

Maxcan new models F1600GH & F2500-16!! Come to this promotions now:

1.  F1600GH  Visit the website at this page:
or  F2500GS-16  Visit the website at this page:

2. Order with Trade Assurance
To guarantee your benefits, we invite Alibaba to join us to protect your payment by using Alibaba “Trade Assurance”.

3. Order on line, full payment is needed as soon as the promotion is completed.

4. Shipment will be arranged.

Q. What is the deposit for attending this promotion?
A. It is US$1,500 for one machine.

Q. How many units of machines are on sale in the crowdfundings?
A. There are 10 sets in the first crowdfunding, 20 sets in the second time, 30 sets the third time, and different promotional price in every crowdfunding ranges.

Q. When will you arrange the shipment?
A. The shipments will be arranged within 15 working ways.