Maintenance of UV Flatbed Printers in Summer

Maintenance 1,the control of temperature. UV printers should be placed in shady and cool place to avoid high-temperature and sunlight-exposure. The suitable indoor temperature is 19℃~20℃, and the relative humidity is 25%~70%.

Maintenance 2, moisturizing under power outage. When UV printers don’t work for a long time,it should be moisturized under power outage. Do not put UV printers aside with standby state,which will makes printers get high-temperature.

Maintenance 3, when opening UV printers everyday, it needs to print test strips to check print heads. In summer, the high-temperature will dry the ink to block the print heads.

Maintenance 4, cleaning inside and outside the UV printers per week,especially for machine head,guiding rail and so on.

Maintenance 5, the positions of flat cables must be checked when turning on the machine to confirm if it’s clean on surface and if it’s loose.