Kindly reminder for using UV ink(2)

Maxcan UV Ink

  1. Keep out of reach of children;
  2. Don’t inhale and swallow;
  3. Avoid direct contact with eyes, skin and respiratory system;
  4. Children and pregnant woman should be prohibited to use this product;
  5. Wear protective gloves;
  6. Before using this ink, print head must be cleaned with Maxcan UV cleaning flush by professionals, and then original UV inks should be added to operate. Don’t use UV cleaning flush from third party to clean the ink supply system.
  7. As UV ink is corrosive, please use corrosion-resistant print head and spare parts including ink pipes, ink damper and ect..
  8. Eyes Contact: Wash with plenty of water.
  9. Skin Contact: Wash quickly with soap water.
  10. Swallow and inhalation: Seek medical attention immediately and don’t handle this emergency by your own.