Is UV Ink Poisonous of UV Flatbed Printers?

There is a saying in current marketing that UV ink of UV flatbed printers is poisonous,which will do harm to human bodies. So many clients give up the idea of using UV flatbed printers. Today, Maxcan will clarify the fact.

Maxcan UV ink are made from eco-materials, which with less poison.But UV ink still will do harm to human skins.UV ink is without volatile solvent, so compared with other ink,it shows the environmental protection.Currently, food packaging can try UV ink to enhance the food security.

UV ink is also called as universal ink.It can print on various media.There are so many chemical components. Usually, UV flatbed printers are depend on the electric field force between print heads and media to print ink on certain area of media.Inkjet ink can be called as blood of ink system.The quality of ink is directly related to the printing output quality, sometimes even directly influence the smooth printing process.

The general feature of UV ink is stable curing performance,which will not damage the print heads and some metal parts.And it will not be damaged by bacteria.It’s hard to be burnt out and color fading.If the jetting and drying performance are good enough and it doesn’t clog the print heads and dry on the ink tubes,but it can print on various media.Density,adhesion and tension of ink meet the requirements of digital printing. Because ink density will influence the colors of printing while adhesion and tension decide the smooth printing process.

UV ink is not solvent ink,which is dried quickly,colorful and water-proof.Now UV ink is with mature ink technology. The pollution output is almost zero.According to survey,as for ink,annual production of Japan is about 16,000 tons,that of Europe is about 18,000 tons and that of North America is about 19,000 tons. It should be paied attention to that the key research direction of UV ink is water UV ink,which uses water and ethyl alcohol as diluent. Currently,water UV ink has been developed and applied into some industries.

Thus, UV ink is not poisonous but not totally poisonous,it requires clean working environment. Now there are many kinds of ink in the market, it’s really important to check the quality of UV ink.